Alex Christian

‘Not Ready’ video: animation

I teamed up with art director and director Ksenia Kulakova for the music video for ‘Not Ready’, a single by Dear Pariah (Charlie Hinchcliff). The video premiered on Get In Her Ears on October 23rd, 2020.

Interviewed on Get In Her Ears, Charlie said:

“I found myself writing ‘Not Ready’ when I was waiting to find out whether I had Lymphoma or a rare disease called Sarcoidosis. After the biopsy, I had this eerie space of 2 weeks waiting for the results that would change my life, either way. I was filled with fear of what could be whilst also reflecting on the past few years wondering how I’d ended up here. I was only 27, how was this possible?”

“When Ksenia came to me with the bear storyline, I knew she got it. It was an amazing moment of feeling seen and understood deeply. Seeing her and Alex turn my most vulnerable song into something so beautiful has been incredibly moving and healing for me. There’s a whole lot of life out there and I’m so grateful to be around to finally enjoy it.”

Working with Ksenia’s hand-drawn frames, concept art and storyboards, I used a combination of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to bring the girl, the bear and their world to life.